#27 Pants That Are Just A Little Too Short

I’ve got long legs. Not a complaint, just a fact.

The complaint is for the pants, not the legs. Even people with normal proportions experience this pet peeve of mine, whether it comes while trying on khakis at the Gap or when you take a new pair of jeans out of the dryer after washing them for the first time. Sometimes, they come up short.

Wearing a pair of pants that are just an inch or two shy of normal length is like walking around naked: it’s like everybody knows and is judging you for not covering yourself properly. The bare strip of ankle shines between your shoe and cuff, attracting more attention than Edward Cullen’s glittering skin in the sunlight.

And now everybody can see your mismatched socks.

When you sit down…game over. You pants shrink upwards about another 5 or 6inches, crippling you. If people didn’t notice it before, they sure as shootin’ do now.

If you own pants like these, give them to Goodwill NOW. They aren’t like those pairs that are a size too small that you keep in case you ever lose 10 pounds. Your legs will never shrink in length. You will never feel comfortable wearing these pants (the only exception to this is a pair of jeans, which in warm weather, you may cuff–but only slightly. You may run the risk of cuffing into capri-pant territory, which is almost worse. Sorry, no offense, but it’s true).



Ginger Rage


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