#26 Overplayed Radio Songs

Whenever I’m feeling pensive (or just plain bored…) I start to think about humankind, and the vast accomplishments. Criticize humans all you want (I know I will), but for what is a short period of time relative to the existence of the earth, humans have certainly come a long way.

Look around, and marvel at the inventions that make your everyday life easier. Know that at some point, some person put in a tremendous amount of effort so that you won’t have to (…or they did it to get paid and get laid. Either way, the iPad is still one helluva gizmo).

That’s why I have come to detest radio stations aimed at my (youth) age group. The radio, once a groundbreaking and inspiring invention, has become bastardized by neanderthal frat boy disc jockeys and their love for the Billboard Top Ten.

Sure, maybe one of these songs was catchy the first few time you heard it. But then you hear it. And you hear it. Again. And again.

Now you hate it. You hate the DJs, you hate the radio. You wish it were never invented. If you never hear Katy Perry or Rihanna again, it will be too soon.



Ginger Rage

*Note: If you really hate this as much as I do, try using Pandora Radio. It’s custom, but still spontaneous. Crucial.*


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