#25 Going to Sleep When It’s Light Out and Waking Up in the Dark


Certainly we have all experienced the phenomenon of the nap-time-warp. Sometimes when you lay down to rest your eyes “for only a minute or two, I swear…” those minutes turn into hours.

You fall asleep with the sun streaming in through the windows and birds chirping, peaceful and serene. Within the span of your nap, however, the world changes.

You wake up dazed and confused…it’s pitch black outside and dead quiet. Any concept of time that you had prior to this nap is completely thrown out of whack; it takes at least three solid minutes of staring at a clock to figure out what day it is and how long you have slept for.

Then you’re going to bed in a few hours anyway, so basically you just wasted an entire day. It’s like a time machine, but without a destination.




Ginger Rage


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