#24 The Smell of Nursing Homes

If I’m being honest, I don’t really care for old people. Mostly because a lot of them are cranky, but also just because they kinda scare me. The saggy skin, diapers, missing teeth, diapers, veiny hands, diapers, and scraggly hair give me the willies, I just can’t help it. It makes my stomach turn to think that one day I’ll be that person.

This is one of the reasons that going to nursing homes is the worst.

Dozens of senior citizens (and hundreds of diapers) in the same building at one time; what a frightening thing. It probably wouldn’t be nearly as bad if there weren’t a rancid stench hanging perpetually in the stale air. As soon as you walk through the doors it hits

you like a wave, and immediately you know that your clothes will smell like this the entire day.

It’s a combination of old cafeteria food, moldy potpourri, orthopedic shoes, wheelchair grease, denture cream, and urine. These singularly gross things unite to form an odor so funky that I do believe it suffocates these geriatric tenants. Forget about dying of old age in their sleep, cause of death: asphyxiation.



Ginger Rage


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One response to “#24 The Smell of Nursing Homes

  1. lypsyl

    I work in a nursing home… terrifying.
    Desperately looking for another job, anyone want to rescue me?

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