#21 Bad Snow

Some people love winter.

For the rest of us normal people, the months between November and April mean an epidemic of dangerous roads, outrageous heating bills, itchy woolen sweaters and pale, pasty skin.

Though by the end of winter everyone is certainly sick of it, snow is one of the wonders of winter. Sure, it’s cold, but it’s also soft, white, and malleable. Most of the time.

The first snowfall of the season has the power to captivate millions: people stop what they are doing to stare out the window and gaze at the sky in wonderment. Suddenly, winter doesn’t seem so terrible. So you put on your snow gear (no small feat) and head outside to play. You bend down and scoop some snow and begin to shape it into a ball. But wait….

…it’s bad snow.

The white powder crumbles like flour and suddenly your standing there with empty hands as it falls back to the ground. Speechless, you realize that you had better just go back inside. Forget about a snowball fight, let alone building a snowman. This useless dust will defy any sort of force you place on it, and is just a detriment to society.

You can thank Mother Nature for this one.



Ginger Rage


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