#19 That Kid Who Asks the Teacher If There’s Homework

Thanks buddy, we owe you one.

And by “one,” I mean one swift kick in the groin.

After an entire lesson of staring listlessly at the chalkboard (all the while stealing sidelong glances at the clock, counting down the minutes), finally freedom approaches. We’re in the home stretch, we can see the end…then we trip at the finish line. Or more correctly, the race was sabotaged.

Thanks to you, class overachiever, all of our fantasies of running around the neighborhood playing Hide and Seek and Red Rover fall spectacularly to pieces as you suddenly remind our wonderful teacher that they have forgotten to assign homework.

“Alright class, we’ll end there for today…Have a good weekend!”

“Wait…Do we have homework?”

Collective groan and simultaneous death stare.

Our little teacher’s pet shrinks in their seat, but it’s too late–the damage is done. A reading assignment here, a few math problems there. These seemingly small things effectively seal their fate.

This kid is inevitably in for a rough gym class–several dodgeballs thrown mercilessly, violating the head-safety rule. They will surely develop into the selfsame monster, that, in high school and college, positively destroys a test curve, skewing the average and crippling our hopes for a good grade.

Let me ask you, Teacher’s Pet, was that extra math assignment worth everybody else hating your guts? And . . .

Do you feel lucky?



Ginger Rage


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