#17 Crunchy Cookies

With the very important exceptions of biscotti and animal crackers, let’s face it: the best kinds of cookies are soft.

First of all, you know they’re fresh (and not some year-old batch that has been hiding in the back of the cupboard). No hint of freezer burn or “hey are those green m&m’s” moments. It’s a good feeling.

They’re also just easier to eat, overall. Less chewing, and you don’t have to worry about little bruises in your mouth as you would when you chomp down on that jawbreaker-of-a-cookie. No crumbs, and the cookie won’t fall apart in your hand like a puzzle with the removal of one piece.

Crunchy cookies are either old, overcooked, or from a box (Chips Ahoy just don’t cut it, people. Oreos are acceptable however). And they’re impersonal.

Yes, there’s nothing better than those warm, soft, chocolatey cookies straight from the oven.

So, take note. And stop making crunchy cookies.



Ginger Rage


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  1. Just finished reading through all of your pet peeves. Great stuff, keep it up!

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