#16 Those Guys That Are In All Of Adam Sandler’s Movies

Sometimes they’re cast as his friends, other times they play the crazy homeless guy in Big Daddy or the shoeless caddy in Happy Gilmore. No matter what character they play, it’s those same guys.

It might take a second to recognize them, and you will never know their names (with the possible exception of Rob Schneider, who had the major breakout role of Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo).

Sure, I guess it’s nice that Adam Sandler lets his friends piggyback off of his fame. But let’s be honest…these guys can’t act.

The fake accents are terrible. Mostly they exist to set up Sandler, who takes the bait with a punchy one-liner.

The annoying part is the fact that once you spot these guys in the movie, it doesn’t seem like a real production. It’s almost like Sandler is in high school and is making a movie on a camcorder with his friends, complete with second-rate costumes.

And don’t even get me started on The Waterboy.



Ginger Rage



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3 responses to “#16 Those Guys That Are In All Of Adam Sandler’s Movies

  1. Ella

    These are hilarious, when are you gonna update again!

  2. Hello :

    Fun blog !

    Just curious: could you tell me how many hits you’ve gotten since starting?

    Keep it up !

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