#12 When Your Seatbelt Tightens and Won’t Loosen

I understand that it’s part of the safety feature, but seriously, are they trying to suffocate me??

I get into the car, buckle my seatbelt (which is more than I can say for 23% of passengers my age, just sayin’) at a comfortable level, and try to enjoy the ride. Gradually, the belt begins to tighten, so slowly I almost don’t know that it is happening.

Then it hits full force.

I realize that my shoe is untied, so I attempt to bend down to tie it and…


I am a captive in my own seat. My arms flail out, and I get the wind knocked out of me temporarily. It’s like the Stephen King novel/movie Christine, where the car turns against you. At this point I half expect the doors to lock themselves and the creepy music to suddenly blast from the radio.

The horror movie feeling passes, but now I have to undo the buckle, let the seatbelt clickclickclickclickclick back to the beginning, and stretch it extra tight to prevent another suffocation.

Until it happens again about 2 minutes later.

Note: Just because this is annoying doesn’t mean you should EVER decide to forgo the seatbelt. Buckle up, it’s the law.



Ginger Rage


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One response to “#12 When Your Seatbelt Tightens and Won’t Loosen

  1. Emma

    These are hilarious! Keep ’em coming!

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