#11 The Smell Of Coins On Your Hands

Usually it’s pennies.

There’s just something satisfying about having a huge handful of coins; for a moment it takes you back to colonial times where just a few coins could get you a new sheep, a goat, and a few chickens. Coins used to mean something.

Heck, even 50 years ago you could walk into a diner, plop those pennies on the counter and get a hamburger and a root-beer float.

Nowadays, things have changed. Pennies wind up at the bottoms of couches and on the floors of laundry rooms, neglected and forgotten. Occasionally they are cast into the dingy water of mall fountains, mostly because the nearly worthless coins are too cumbersome to carry around.

Every time your hand comes in contact with these coins, especially pennies, your hand will continue to carry that tinny, metallic smell. Now, every time you bring your hand to your face you get a whiff of those stale, moldy coins that probably at some point sat in the bottom of any given homeless guy’s Dunkin Donuts cup.

It’s enough to make your stomach turn.

Hand sanitizer is a quick fix, but often it just doesn’t cut it. For a cure, I suggest warm water and lots of soap.



Ginger Rage


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