#8 Forgetting to Call Uno! And Blowing the Win

Ah, the game of champions. Enter the world of “draw-twos” and “skips” and “wilds”…organize your cards into colors: blue, green, red, and yellow. This game is not just for kids.

The one adult stipulation of this game is to make sure that when you are down to your last card, you call “Uno!” thus alerting the rest of the players that they must do whatever they can to sabotage you (to keep the game going). This normally entails the throwing of skips, reverses, draw-twos, and the dreaded draw-four wild card.

It happens sometimes, even to the best of us, that we are so nervous when we get down to that final card that we forget the cardinal rule for which the game is named. You remain silent, hoping nobody changes the color from blue so you can throw that final card.

Just as you’re about to clinch the victory, somebody takes pause.

“WAIT. Did you call Uno?”

The color rises to your cheeks and you frantically search your memory…but it’s no use. You blew it.

Now pick up your penalty cards and remember to call it next time.



Ginger Rage


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