#7 Listening To Somebody Explain Their Dream

“Okay so for some reason Carrot Top was there, only he was flying…but it seemed normal at the time, you know? And we were all in a classroom and blah blah blah blah….”

We all have crazy dreams. Sometimes your dream is weirder than usual, and even more oddly enough, you can actually remember it when you wake up. So, your natural instinct is to share your bizarre unconscious reverie with with somebody–DON’T DO THIS.

Unless you can keep the description simple and succinct (30 seconds or less), we don’t want to hear it. We weren’t there, we have no idea what you’re talking about, and while this might be fun for you, it’s torture to those of us who are listening.

Also, us dream-listeners have no real response to give you:

“Uh-huh. Cool. Yeah, that’s weird.” Does that sound like we’re even remotely interested?

If I wanted to know about dreams I would go see Inception (which I did–and loved!). Seriously, in the future, spare us.



Ginger Rage



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4 responses to “#7 Listening To Somebody Explain Their Dream

  1. I hate this too. It’s really hard to get out of listening though…I always feel guilty for not caring. I think shortening it to 30 words or less is a great rule we should all stick to.

  2. I actually love listening to my friends’ crazy dreams. But I suppose I can understand why people might not like it.

  3. pukka

    The Canadian show SCTV (similar to Saturday Night Live) actually did a skit on this years ago–it was about a supposed BBC talk show where the guests explained their dreams in drawn out, excruciating detail. (“It was the exactly like the shop on my street only the sign was a bit different….”).

  4. Camille

    It depends on the dream and the person, but I usually like listening to people’s dream.

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