#5 When the Dentist Tries to Carry on a Conversation With You

As if going to the dentist isn’t bad enough. Over the course of a single visit, you have the distinct probability of being subjected to novocaine, rootbeer flavored fluoride, and Highlights magazine. Not fun.

Now, there’s nothing really wrong with dentists themselves; in fact, my dentist is a pretty cool guy–for the most part. His only fault is his insistence to pursue small talk with me while he is up to his knuckles in my teeth.

Does he realize that I can’t possibly answer him? I find it hard to believe that somebody who has undergone several years of both university and dental school can remain this oblivious. Yet, every 6 months…

Dr. Moron: “So, what have you been up to lately?”

Me: “Unnnnnnngh.”

I’m beginning to think that all dentists do this as a sort of game, called “See How Uncomfortable We Can Make Our Patients”.

Patients: I have a new game for you who are tired of this Pet Peeve of mine. It’s called “See How Many Times You Can Bite Your Dentist’s Fingers Before He Stops Trying To Talk To You”.

Good Luck.



Ginger Rage



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5 responses to “#5 When the Dentist Tries to Carry on a Conversation With You

  1. notimpressed

    If you like this blog, check out ihatespamcomments.wordpress.com!!

    You are not gaining any fans this way, Gladys. Sheesh.

    • TDK

      Hehe, agree.
      Appears a little try hard.
      I’ll give one more entry a read, but otherwise appears to be lack of “interestingness”.

  2. Jinkleheim

    This was funny, but I’m pretty sure one of the reasons they talk to you is to distract you from the fact that they are currently knuckle deep in your mouth.

    • Probably true, but then I think they should just tell a story or something. My dentist always expects a response, which I guess is the truly annoying part about that pet peeve.

  3. Chandler

    I completely agree with this, and my dentist always does it. I think dentists can understand the grunts patients utter…
    I agree with most of the other peeves, too, and I enjoy reading your posts 🙂

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