#4 Using the Wrong “Your/You’re”

Not to be a grammar snob, but it’s really not that difficult.

Think back to 1st grade. Remember when we learned about contractions? And how when you wanted to put two words together, you take out some letters and add an apostrophe? Well kids, just because you moved on to 2nd grade doesn’t mean you forget those rules. In fact, using the correct word only becomes more essential.

So, just a quick explanation: “you’re” means “you are.” Example: “If you don’t move, you’re going to get hit by the blimp.”

Not-so-similarly, “your” is used to denote possession. Example: “I accidentally lit your Justin Bieber poster on fire.”

Seriously, it’s both a spelling AND a grammatical mistake within the span of 4 to 5 letters. Quite a feat. Yet also easily avoidable.

Note: Readers, if you ever find that I have used the wrong “Your/You’re” anywhere in this blog, you have my full permission to post nasty comments. Not that you really needed that in the first place, just sayin’.



Ginger Rage



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4 responses to “#4 Using the Wrong “Your/You’re”

  1. notimpressed

    If you like this blog, check out ihatespamcomments.wordpress.com!!

  2. Sandy

    Anyways… I hate when people say anyways. It’s not a word, there is no s at the end of anyway.

  3. Joy

    I hate that too. I also hate when people mispell the word “lose”, as in I need to lose ten pounds, and spell it “loose”. “I want to loose weight” and any other variation of “loosing weight”. I even saw it mispelled in a newspaper recently. It just sounds/looks stupid.

  4. Karen

    Definitely my WORST pet peeve! Thank you for recognizing it!!!! I mean one is possessive and one is a contraction (you+are). Is that really complicated? “Its” and “it’s” is about the same, but not quite as annoying. I often fight the urge to correct “who” and “whom,” but if it’s someone I know well enough he/she is fair game to my grammar policing!!

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