#3 Gum That Loses Its Flavor Quickly

Dubble Bubble, I’m looking at you.

Look, bubble gum is delicious; and attempting to blow a bubble the size of your head is all good fun. But after chewing for about 4 minutes and all of a sudden the fruity taste disappears, I’m ticked off.

It’s like chewing stale cardboard.

Even the fun color disappears, morphing that luscious pink wad into a depressing and sickly gray blob. Spit that thing out, because continuing to chew it will almost certainly give you a jaw-ache.

The irony is, of course, that it’s the best-looking gum that turns out to be the worst-tasting. That’s right…gumball machines. Who can resist digging in their pockets for a loose quarter to feed their childhood urge to chomp on a bright red candy ball when they pass one of these mechanical wonders?

Kudos to companies like Stride and Extra that pledge long-lasting flavor. Maybe soon they’ll start making gumballs. Here’s hoping.



Ginger Rage



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3 responses to “#3 Gum That Loses Its Flavor Quickly

  1. ksursa

    Hi , i’m frm thailand The gumball machines is same machines in my country but the machines in a ball is not gum ,is have ring ,toy , money, netx time i’m a show the machines for you look .
    sorry ,if you read don’t understand because i’m not good read and write English language, Pls you tech me . thank you

  2. notimpressed

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  3. Caroline

    How come pinatas always have terrible candy? Parents will buy that cheap variety bag that comes with nothing but gum, jaw breakers, and hard candy The gum is always rock hard and flavorless from the start. Pinatas are fun, until you see the cheap stuffing flying down. Really, I only got on my knees for the competition (haha! I shoveled more in to my Superman goody bag than you did!) Afterwards, the candy can be given to younger siblings or to the trash can.

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