#2 Waking Up a Few Minutes Before Your Alarm Clock

Waking up early sucks. Even if you do manage to force yourself into bed a few hours earlier, your body still begs for those extra minutes of sleep when the alarm finally blares, shocking you out of a blissful slumber.

When you wake up in the middle of the night and realize you have at least 3 hours of sleep left, it’s awesome. But waking up at 6:58 a.m. when the alarm is set for 7 o’clock is one of my biggest pet peeves. All the moaning and groaning in the world won’t change the fact that in 2 minutes, your day starts. And half of your mind is still in dreamworld.

You may try and fall back asleep, knowing that you have mere seconds left before being jolted again. The snooze button is futile because you’re already awake, at this point an extra 7 minutes of sleep only mocks you.

Or you can take the other route, and drag your protesting limbs out of bed, beating that squawking clock to the punch.

Either way, it’s a lose-lose.

So, here’s to sleeping in. Forget about being the early bird, worms taste like dirt. Reset that alarm clock, and snooze on.



Ginger Rage



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4 responses to “#2 Waking Up a Few Minutes Before Your Alarm Clock

  1. notimpressed

    If you like this blog, check out ihatespamcomments.wordpress.com!!

    You are not gaining any fans this way, Gladys. Sheesh.

  2. MK

    Are you kidding? I love when that happens. I’d rather wake up a minute or two early than be startled out of REM sleep by a buzzer any day.

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  4. Amy

    Gladys is wrong and MK is right. Waking up myself instead of that buzzer is perfection!

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